Sram EAGLE AXS T-type Chain Setup

When installing SRAM’s AXS T-type chain, it is imperative to ensure precise chain length. Sram has a handy Calculator, which can be found HERE.

Input the bike’s chainstay length:

  • Voima: 455mm
  • Vikkel√§: 455mm
  • Sonni: 448mm
  • Onni: 448mm

2. Next, provide the specifics of your chainring size

3. Select ‘Frame Type’ as ‘FULL SUSPENSION.’

4. Indicate ‘Idler Pulley’ as ‘NO.’

5. Click the ‘Submit’ button.

For example, if you have a Voima with a 30t chainring the results will be as follows:

Follow the provided instructions meticulously. Upon completion, stand back and admire your handy work, grab your helmet, and hit the trails!