General service and care


Store your bicycle in dry shelter where it will not be an obstruction and has protection from dangerous conditions. Do not park your bicycle near electric motors; ozone from motors can damage rubber and paint. Rain, salty water or snow can cause the metal on your bicycle to corrode. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can fade the paint and crack the rubber or plastic on your bicycle. Before you put away your bicycle for an extended time, clean and service it and apply frame polish. Hang your bicycle off the ground with the tires at approximately half the recommended inflation pressure. Before you ride your bicycle again, be sure it operates correctly.


After every use of the product, we recommend a throughout generous freshwater rinse. After rinse clean your bicycle with a soft, moist cloth and bicycle cleaner or a solution of dish soap and water. Do not use industrial solvents or harsh chemicals that can damage the paint, raw aluminum oxidation, or moving parts. Do not aim high-pressure water directly to bearings or stickers. Every three months, clean and polish the frame finish. Some finishes do not require polish. If you are not certain, consult Pole service. To keep your raw aluminum frames (Stamina and Machine) corrosion-free, the cleaning process is necessary. An uncleaned raw aluminum has a shorter lifetime than a well maintained and clean surface.

Recommended assembly and cleaning chemicals

These following chemicals we use at the factory when your bike is assembled for the first time.

  • Headset bearing installation – Park Tool HPG-1
  • Axle and linkage installation – Park Tool HPG-1
  • Titanium threads – Park Tool ASC-1
  • Frame cleaning (grease, fingerprints, etc assembly dirt) – Brake cleaner
  • Machine and Stamina linkage bearings (for installing bearing outer race) – Loctite 641

For regular cleaning the bike after rides, we recommend using Muc-Off biodegradable Nano Tech Bike Cleaner.

We haven’t seen that these mentioned chemicals would harm the raw aluminum surface of Machine and Stamina frames.
These are also perfectly safe to use with our painted aluminum and Chromoly frames.

Incidental damage

Do not let your bicycle fall. Do not set your bicycle down with the frame or derailleur touching the ground. Use care with car racks and work stands. Clamping devices, such as those found on a work stand or car carrier, can cause damage to the paint or tubes of bicycle frames. To hold the bicycle for repairs, clamp the seatpost. To hold the bicycle for transportation on a motor vehicle, clamp the bicycle by the wheels or fork. If you accidentally apply a bending force to the fork, do not ride the bicycle until your retailer has inspected the fork for damage. The finish, or paint, on your bicycle can be damaged by chemicals (including some sports drinks) or abrasive contact. Dirt can scratch or remove paint (and even frame material), especially where a cable rubs or a strap is placed around a tube. Keep the bicycle clean. Use adhesive padding to prevent rubbing in critical spots.


When packaging your bicycle for travel, use a hard case or carton that will protect it from damage. Attach padding to all the frame and fork tubes and use a rigid block to protect the fork tips and maintain structural support of the fork blades. If the bicycle is not packaged correctly, it could be easily damaged in transit. If you are not sure, ask your local bicycle accessory or service retailer to package your bicycle for you.

We use for our travels EVOC BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO

Check out the Loam Rangers “Packing A Pole Into An Air Travel Bag // How-To” for reference, how you can fit your bike into your luggage.