Periodical Maintenance

Periodical Maintenance

Bicycle service requires special knowledge and tools and should be performed by a professional bicycle mechanic. This user manual is to be used in conjunction with the manuals supplied by the component manufacturers. If you did not receive the manual provided by the component manufacturer, download the materials off the Internet or contact your local dealer. Consult your local dealer to create a maintenance plan and refer to the Maintenance Schedule on the next page as a guide for frequent inspection, service, and replacement of parts.

SRAM provides their own schedule for their components. Please check it from here.

Maintenance schedule

This list provides some guidelines but is not to be considered a complete inspection. Following these guidelines will help maintain the performance of your bicycle and prevent more serious problems from arising. It is important to remember that service intervals can vary depending on climate, trail conditions and riding frequency. For service instructions for your specific components, visit the manufacturer’s website. If you detect any problems with your bike, and you are not able to repair them, take your bike to your authorized dealer for service.

Before every ride

  1. Check the frame and fork for signs of stress: scratches, cracks, dents, deformation or discoloration. Inspect the chainstay guard and ensure it is correctly and securely attached
  2. Check that the wheels are true
  3. Check the tire pressure
  4. Check the brakes, including brake pads and brake lines
  5. Check that both wheels are secure
  6. Check that the handlebar and stem are correctly positioned and inspect for signs of stress: scratches, cracks, dents, deformities, and discoloration
  7. Check that the suspension settings are at your preference
  8. Check that the lighting system and reflectors are in good working order
  9. Check that the saddle and seatpost are correctly positioned and tightened
  10. Check for smooth shifting operation
  11. Lubricate the chain


  1. Check that all bolts are tightened to proper torque specifications. Make sure to include pedals and any accessories or luggage carriers.
    1. Check frame linkage axles tightening torques
  2. Check the rims and spokes for damage
  3. Clean the bicycle
  4. Check the tires for damage and wear
  5. Clean dust seals on suspension


  1. Check the shifter and brake cables for wear
  2. Check that the bottom bracket is tightened to the proper torque specifications
  3. Check that the headset is adjusted correctly
  4. Check that the chain is tensioned correctly
  5. Check the chainstay guard and bottom bracket guard (if applicable) for wear

Every three months

  1. Inspect the drivetrain for wear
  2. Inspect the crank arms and pedals
  3. Check tire sealant levels
  4. Inspect suspension parts for wear


  1. Annual servicing at your dealer: overhaul service and inspection of the frame, suspension, and all other components. Repair, service, and/or replace parts as needed
  2. Clean and lubricate all parts as recommended by your component manufacturer’s instructions or consult your dealer
  3. Check for service instructions and intervals for your frame at